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Landing in Cairo on the first day of the Egyptian Revolution in 2011, Steve Fisher and his cousin Julia Carswell, join the Penn-Carswell Expedition at an archaeological site across the Nile from Luxor. It was there that Steve spotted three important objects in 2002. The team locates and removes the ancient objects. 

However, an intriguingly intact ancient papyrus which, if translated and revealed, could start World War III, is discovered and hidden by Julia and Steve. This sets off a series of attempts to obtain the papyrus and its secrets, including a deadly chase by killers who want to reveal those secrets for their home countries or for profit. 

Steve and Julia are pursued by terrorist zealots, a rogue Mossad agent, and members of an apocalyptic cult. They survive an intentional balloon crash and an attack by hundreds of Egyptians against their military-guarded train. The two fight kidnappings, threats atop the Eiffel Tower, a car chase in Paris, and danger in a house in Wrens, Georgia. And, despite being cousins, they face a growing relationship. 

What are the world-changing secrets in the papyrus? How can Steve and Julia protect those secrets? Filled with wonder, excitement, danger, beauty, and romance, The Carswell Mandate serves as a welcomed sequel to Fisher's initial novel, The Carswell Covenant.