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"The Carswell Covenant is the fascinating story of the narrator's journey in his archaeologist grandfather's footsteps and beyond. The story combines elements of history, archaeology, adventure, and mystery in a way that is reminiscent of Dan Brown's novels." ~Reader

This thriller combines Egyptian history and archaeology, adventure, and mystery with real-life and fictional characters in a manner that will challenge the reader to separate what's fact from fiction.

In 1335 BC, after his final pleading with pharaoh, Moses is given a covenant to the Holy Land. In 1922, the author's grandfather, real-life University of Pennsylvania archaeologist Clarence Fisher, finds a document in King Tut's tomb that could change the course of history. In 2001, a programmer at Carswell Bible College finds an overlooked passage in the Dead Sea Scrolls that mentions pharaoh's covenant, later called the Carswell Covenant, that also could change the course of history. 

In 2001, the author find's a mention of his long-deceased archaeologist grandfather in a novel. This led him and his brother, both Penn graduates, along with a beautiful doctoral candidate at Penn, to a 16-day vacation in Egypt in 2002. But the trip, along with a coded street map from his grandfather, triggered a terrifying series of events. Involving Egyptian terrorists and the Mossad, the lives of the three tourists, were threatened. But important truths were revealed, about the author's grandfather, King Tut, the Pharaoh of the Exodus, and even the Ark of the Covenant.

From Egypt and Jerusalem, in both Old Testament times and the 1920s and 1940s, through a small college in Georgia today, through the streets of Cairo and a city that is a hotbed of terrorist activity, through the hills of the Valley of the Kings, and onto a luxury cruise boat riddled with danger, The Carswell Covenant follows the trio through unexpected dangers and unnerving coincidences.


"I very much enjoyed The Carswell Covenant...Well done!"~Eric H. Cline, Ph.D., Professor of Classics and Anthropology, author of the bestseller 1177 B.C. The Year Civilization Collapsed and Three Stones Make a Wall: The Story of Archaeology.

"What a wonderful yarn - - expertly told.The prolog drove me up a tree and I didn't come down until your excellent epilog and author's notes. Good mix of historical fiction, true events, and actual historical figures. Imaginative plot. Archaeology, fame, greed, deception, human failings, and mystery are all included.” ~Reader

“I took the afternoon to read your book and I loved it!  I found it to be really exciting and I wanted to keep reading. Congratulations! It was a great read! I believe it will be a success! It is historical fiction / adventure / thriller / mystery all in one. It made me smile at parts, too--- like your character's love of pizza.” ~Reader